Projekt X: Miki

Projekt X: Miki Projekt X was a small private (birthday-)con powered by Puka, Sea and Tenchi where Yume presented a small FanKan.

About Miki

Miki My real name is Thomas, but everyone calls me Tommy or Miki. I’m going to school, but I don’t know what I will do in the future because I have lot of ideas in my head. We will see…
I’m a Sailor Moon-Fan since autumn 1995, which I am until now. I like the works of CLAMP and series like Utena, Lady Oscar, EVA, Fushigi Yuugi, Cutey Honey F, DB Z, Zetsuai/Bronze and many more…
Otherwise I’m very interested in Visual Key and especially I hear Lareine, Malice Mizer, Gackt and X-Japan, but I have fallen for Kamijo (Lareine vocal) and Gackt.
Other hobbies are e.g. to telephone (for several hours), writing letters (which got less in the last time – my pen pals might forgive me. I like you all!), be lazy, which got more and more in the last time *drop* and sew my new Cosplay costumes.
My role as MC Fly is pretty cool. I wasn’t enthusiastic of it at first, but meanwhile I’m totally happy with it!And if you are “enthusiastic” about Tuxedo Kamen’s Smoking, then wait, what MC Fly’s wardrobe offers…

All/Old parts/appointments

Convention Name Appointment
Projekt X: Miki Cast
Connichi 2003: Wiseman Cast
AnimagiC 2003: Wiseman Cast
Bonenkai 2002: MC Fly Cast
AnimagiC 2002: MC Fly Cast
Connichi 2002: MC Fly Cast

Motto / Quotation

Where I am, there is chaos!
So, be happy that I'm not everywhere!