About Inu

Inu There's not so much to tell about me.

I was born in the wild 80s and a big movie and Tv Show nerd who lives in lovely Bremen. I started cosplaying in 2000/2001 and I'm going to conventions regularly since then...wow... Now I feel really really old,.. Maybe I should quit before my bones brake on stage;)

All/Old parts/appointments

Convention Name Appointment
Connichi 2016: Sailor Neptune Cast
AnimagiC 2016: Sailor Neptune Cast
Animemesse 2016: Sailor Neptune Cast
MMC 2015: Sailor Neptune Cast
Connichi 2011: Momoko Kimura Cast
AnimagiC 2011: Backstage Crew
AniMaCo 2010: Backstage Crew
FANTASYDAYS 2009: Ramia Cast
Connichi 2009: Ramia Cast
AnimagiC 2009: Ramia Cast
AniMaCo 2008: Sailor Tin Nyanko Cast
AnimagiC 2008: Sailor Tin Nyanko Cast
Buchmesse 2007: Frau 1 Cast
AnimagiC 2007: Sailor Tin Nyanko Cast
AniMaCo 2006: Backstage Crew
Connichi 2006: Backstage Crew
AnimagiC 2006: Backstage Crew

Motto / Quotation

Hakuna Matata

The hardest thing in this world is to live in it!
BUFFY(Season 5x22 "the Gift")

sorry, but I only date guys who sparkle ;)