Sailor Galaxia

Sailor Galaxia She is the Enemy of Sailor Stars and the legendery Sailor Senshi. She kills every Senshi one by one and in the end, just Sailor Moon and the Starlights survive. Most of her Animamates call her .THE GOLDEN TIN. and well.. she is just evil.

About Su-Si

Su-Si Hello everyone my name is Su-Si... ^__^

For those who still know me: I was the former Sailor Saturn on the Mugen play

After so many years a lot of things changed in my life.

I am no longer16 years old, but go (half proud, half shocked) on the 20.

Woah a "2" and a biscuit T___T
Hm... time... see what has been changed the last four years...

Against all expectations I passed my driving licence exams... and no I did not bride, threaten the city of Worms or did any other immoral offers to let me legally move through traffic T___T ..
And I also earned my high school diploma through honest work T___T

Hoho ...nice diploma... Yes, I also made it through this part of my life, but with a much cooler combination than I had originally planned ^^ (German, biology and CHEMISTRY)
Muhaha! And as if this was not freaky enough, by now I´m even STUDYING this stuff *___*

oh yehes, I study at the university of Mainz: chemistry on diploma ^ ^

The university of Mainz is a wonderful place, full of hope, love, affection.... Damn even I can´t believe it myself... T__T
University life is hard and strenuous and stressful... and if we are not careful we will be eaten and outcasted...O__o
Hm...oh well at least they doing a great job on providing us with fablulous coffee and cakes * __ * (long live the new REWI - Building)
And wow... faster than I could ever imagine, I am in 2nd term
God in heaven, as time goes by... O__o

Well then, that’s it from me... but sounds like I´m having my life under control... so why is my path leading me back to Yume... ^ ^;;

In changing times... from the small, poisonous Calerverite to the sick, half disturbed, outcasted Sailor Saturn, here it comes: The MISSUNDERSTOOD SAILOR GALAXIA *BÖDÖHM*

"Wooooow" you will say.
"Just that" I will respond.

No doubt a huge and multi-faceted character in compare to all my other roles and certainly the biggest challenge.

Hm...but still I hope (with huge efforts), that I´ll make my job as best as I possibly can, so I won´t be a totally disappointment for my chiefs and any other buddies.

All/Old parts/appointments

Convention Name Appointment
FANTASYDAYS 2009: Sailor Saturn Cast
AniMaCo 2008: Sailor Galaxia Cast
AnimagiC 2008: Sailor Galaxia Cast
Connichi 2006: Technic Crew
AnimagiC 2006: Technic Crew
Connichi 2005: Sailor Saturn Cast
AnimagiC 2005: Sailor Saturn Cast
Connichi 2004: Sailor Saturn Cast
AnimagiC 2004: Sailor Saturn Cast
Bonenkai 2004: Su-Si Cast
Connichi 2003: Cavalerite Cast
AnimagiC 2003: Cavalerite Cast
Bonenkai 2002: Backstage Crew
Bonenkai 2002: Sailor Saturn Cast (2. Cast)
AnimagiC 2002: Backstage Crew
Connichi 2002: Backstage Crew

Motto / Quotation

Everyone is born stupid, and everyone dies stupid! Exept me ^^