Sailor Alumina Siren

Sailor Alumina Siren Sailor Alumina Siren belongs like the three others, Lead Crow, Tin Nyanko and Iron Mouse to the Sailor Animamates.
A long time ago she was defeated by Galaxia on her plant. To survive she became one of Galaxia's subordinates, but in return offered her Star Seed to her. Since then she works for her and tries to find true Star Seeds on the Earth.
At first sight she is childish, naive and sort of stupid. And also greedy, when you remember her preference for crisps. All in all she is really exceptional for a typical villian. You can say Lead Crow is her partner, because actual they always attack together. A real odd peculiarity of her is the one that she introduces herself to her victim before she attacks them. It gives her a kind of politness and friendship, too. Probably because of this kind of friendship she and Crow really become friends. But it just gets clear when Galaxia punsihes Siren for her incompetence and takes the bracelets away from her what means that she has to die.

About Ginny

Ginny Hello of people my name is Denise(So calls me most in Yume) few
imagines also a pointed name for me from that them better please fall
me not however who asks me already I is momentarily still 16 years old
and thus the second-youngest in a Yume and go still to schule.In the my spare
time draw I gladly (which I play however still much to practice muss),
gladly windshield frame section and... oh me nix more falls....egal my
favourite Animes sind:Card captor Sakura, Kamikatze kaito jeanne,
Ranma1/2, Sailor Moon(would be bad if it's not like that would be,
would it??)und still much more to Yume are I through mean to brother (Mamo)
come-coming that is approximately already to the 4jahre And I hope
that that still will stop some years.

All/Old parts/appointments

Convention Name Appointment
Connichi 2009: Backstage Crew
AnimagiC 2009: Backstage Crew
AniMaCo 2008: Sailor Alumina Siren Cast
AnimagiC 2008: Sailor Alumina Siren Cast
Buchmesse 2007: Frau 2 Cast
AnimagiC 2007: Sailor Alumina Siren Cast
AniMaCo 2006: Mick Cast
Connichi 2006: Mick Cast
AnimagiC 2006: Mick Cast
Connichi 2005: PallaPalla Cast
AnimagiC 2005: PallaPalla Cast
Connichi 2004: Backstage Crew
AnimagiC 2004: Mosu Cast
Bonenkai 2004: Denise Cast

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