Death Vulcan

Death Vulcan Once many millennia ago, when earth still was but a barren wasteland, covered by wild waters and streams of glowing lava, Vulcan was considered the ruler of earth and fire. Raging across the planet's surface as he pleased and yet benign and generous, he allowed life and humans with it to dwell on earth within a small protected valley known as Eden. And he was deeply in love with Eyone, ruler over all the water on the planet.

It was a love to be ended by force and against his will. Backstabbed just by the humans he had so generously allowed to live within his realm.

Unknown to him they had found means to banish the lava from the planet's surface deep into the bowls of earth, and Vulcan along with it. Under the lead of the one to become king, founder of what later would be known as the House of Endymion, and with the help of the Golden Crystal the humans sealed Vulcan beneath what would later be known as the Dark Tableau.

Now after endless years have passed, after kingdoms had grown and prospered only to fall back into dust, Vulcan is still there, still sealed, and still longing for the day that someone should dare to release him. For that shall be the day that he will rain down doom and destruction onto all life that is left on earth and to reclaim what is rightfully his.

If anyone will ever be foolish enough to set him free it would mean the end of the world for there is nothing that would be able to placate his sheer desire for revenge that has grown in the millennia of banishment.

Or is there still hope to be found somewhere if that day arrives?

About Matthes

Matthes From the history books:
In the year 2002 on some little German convention called Connichi (back than it took place in infamous Ludwigshafen), a one-day visitor who was only mildly delighted by the Con and freshly traumatized by some really – let’s say – bad cosplay, heard something about “Group”, “Perform”, and “Sailor Moon Musicals”. He left unsure if he ever would visit another convention and thoughts along the line of: “What kind of crazy loonies are doing stuff like that?”. Well he got his answers, even thought it took some time and events to reach this point.

(things like: a lot more watch Anime and read Manga, a dozen played Japano-RPGs, thousands of pages of read Sailor Moon/ Ranma Crossovers, “being dragged” to at least 8 other conventions – 2 as official Con-Staff, a year in Japan doing work-and-travel – and of course meeting “the wrong people” at Heidelberg University’s Department for Japanese Studies. So much for the short version.)

I myself have had actually no training or experience with dancing or acting, except for some standard dance lessons and 5 years worth of martial arts. So I am still not sure why I actually joined. Maybe because it has been great fun so far.

All/Old parts/appointments

Convention Name Appointment
Connichi 2016: Dr. Tomoe Cast
AnimagiC 2016: Dr. Tomoe Cast
Animemesse 2016: Dr. Tomoe Cast
MMC 2015: Dr. Tomoe Cast
Connichi 2011: Kunzite Cast
AnimagiC 2011: Kunzite Cast
FANTASYDAYS 2009: Death Vulcan Cast
Connichi 2009: Death Vulcan Cast
AnimagiC 2009: Death Vulcan Cast
AniMaCo 2008: Kunzite Cast
AnimagiC 2008: Kunzite Cast
Buchmesse 2007: Kunzite Cast
AnimagiC 2007: Kunzite Cast
AniMaCo 2006: Kraken Cast
Connichi 2006: Kraken Cast
AnimagiC 2006: Kraken Cast

Motto / Quotation

Since I cannot destroy the world nice, quick and easy, I guess I have to try to make it a better place.