Sailor Mercury (Tan Pure)

Sailor Mercury (Tan Pure) Only hard work makes you achieve your goals and become you a worthy part of society. That’s why I’m currently studying for my second doctor’s degree. My thirst for knowledge and my passion for learning have made my dream of studying medicine abroad in Germany come true. I want to everything in my power to help people in future.

Unfortunately this means that I don’t see my friends as much as I’d like to. My studies require lots of time and dedication. Because of my studies and the lasting peace on earth I sometimes even forget about the Guardian of Love and Wisdom.

About AkariChan

AkariChan Hi again, my name is Yasmin but you can also say Akari..

If you have to describe me you would say: a typical Spanish Taurus.

Aloud, sultry and I often running my head against a wall!

If members of Yume have to describe me they would say:

That's Akari.

After I finished my "Sales Retail Manager" education 2014 I started studying Business Administration in a dual system which I'll hopefully finish 2017.

I'm very happy to play the warrior of love and wisdom - even though I have to work on that wisdom thing...Despite I am also responsible for every grafics from our lovely group. If you have any wishes or request just ask <3

All/Old parts/appointments

Convention Name Appointment
Connichi 2016: Sailor Mercury Cast
AnimagiC 2016: Sailor Mercury Cast
Animemesse 2016: Sailor Mercury Cast
MMC 2015: Sailor Mercury Cast
Connichi 2011: Luna Cast
AnimagiC 2011: Luna Cast
FANTASYDAYS 2009: Sailor Mercury Cast
Connichi 2009: Sailor Saturn Cast
AnimagiC 2009: Sailor Saturn Cast
AniMaCo 2008: Sailor Saturn Cast
AnimagiC 2008: Sailor Saturn Cast
Buchmesse 2007: Sailor Saturn Cast
AnimagiC 2007: Sailor Saturn Cast

Motto / Quotation

"Only the one who grow up but stay a child is an human being" (Erich Kästner)

A girl without a bow isn't a girl!