Sailor Venus (Tan Pure)

Sailor Venus (Tan Pure) Autographs? Please wait a bit, I’ll come back to you. I promise! My name’s Minako Aino, but I bet you know that already. Three years ago, I started my attack on Japan’s music charts with my songs of love and justice.

Being an idol singer in Japan is grind work. But can you imagine to make your childhood dreams come true and be able to get paid for it? My duties as the Guardian of Love and Beauty seem to be so far away that sometimes I fear I won’t be able to fulfill my duties as leader of the Sailor Soldiers… Sorry, what? The autographs?!? Sure, I’m ready!!!

About Nanami

Nanami Is there still someone who knows me?
It has already been 11 years since my last performance with Yume as Sailor Venus (the 3rd ^.~)

To be honest, I already put Yume and performing at anime conventions behind.
Well, things never turn out the way you expect it. And so it happened not very long ago that I sat totally bored at work in a meeting and looked at my mobile phone. There was a message "You do not want to perform with Yume anymore, do you?" First I was kinda cautious, but this changed kinda fast. An anniversary performance and a missing Venus ... I said "YES!" quite soon and so it happened that after 11 years I found my way back to Yume.

About me as a person for all those who do not know me:
I belong to the older Yume squad and had stopped being a Anime/Manga fan.
But after working in Japan for one year in 2012 I became interested in it again.
I like Ao haru Ride, Karnival and Assassination Classrom (and many more) and of course Sailor Moon!
I love ARASHI~~~!!!!! (OHNO *heart*)
And am a huge fan of the US series "Once upon a time" (HOOK!!). I'm also watching "Pretty little Liars" and "Devious Maids" at the moment.
I'm a huge Disney fan and yes, I love Anna and Elsa alot! ^.~
A short while ago I started with Photography but I'm still an absolute beginner!
I have two fluffy cats which I love to bits, but which also make me some trouble from time to time.

All/Old parts/appointments

Convention Name Appointment
Connichi 2016: Sailor Venus Cast
AnimagiC 2016: Sailor Venus Cast
Animemesse 2016: Sailor Venus Cast
MMC 2015: Sailor Venus Cast
AniMaCo 2006: Backstage Crew
Connichi 2006: Backstage Crew
Connichi 2004: Sailor Venus Cast
AnimagiC 2004: Sailor Venus Cast
Bonenkai 2004: Nanami Cast
Bonenkai 2002: Sailor Tin Nyanko Cast

Motto / Quotation

Life is short, spend it happy!