Seiya (Chaos) (Tan Pure)

Seiya (Chaos) (Tan Pure) A birthday party? A big anniversary?!? And I haven’t been invited???

Moon Princess, didn’t you have enough golden plates?

Well, well, wait and see, Sailor Moon. I’ll make you a special birthday gift you won’t easily forget.

About Gary

Gary I'm in Yume since the group seriously started to bring up our very first performance.
I never played a Sailor Senshi (exept for Sailor Lead Crow und Sailor Star Fighter, I know... ^^;), so I had every year a new character. Thats why I had the chance to improve myself and learned every year something new.

My favorite character to play until now was Selkie. I would have never imagened that Kaguya Shima would be such an success, but I'm glad that we have done this one. It's a treasure in our stage history.

Outside Yume I'm at university and going to be a teacher (someday) for german, history and fibre craft.

All/Old parts/appointments

Convention Name Appointment
Connichi 2016: Seiya (Chaos) Cast
AnimagiC 2016: Seiya (Chaos) Cast
Animemesse 2016: Seiya (Chaos) Cast
Connichi 2011: Sailor Mars Cast
AnimagiC 2011: Sailor Mars Cast
AniMaCo 2010: Sailor Mars Cast
FANTASYDAYS 2009: Nightmare 2 Cast
Connichi 2009: Nightmare 2 Cast
AnimagiC 2009: Nightmare 2 Cast
AniMaCo 2008: Sailor Star Fighter Cast
AnimagiC 2008: Sailor Star Fighter Cast
Buchmesse 2007: Mann 1 Cast
AnimagiC 2007: Sailor Star Fighter Cast
AniMaCo 2006: Selkie Cast
Connichi 2006: Selkie Cast
AnimagiC 2006: Selkie Cast
Connichi 2005: Helios Cast
AnimagiC 2005: Helios Cast
Connichi 2004: Cyprine Cast
AnimagiC 2004: Cyprine Cast
Bonenkai 2004: Gary Cast
Projekt X: Gary Cast
Connichi 2003: Saphir Cast
AnimagiC 2003: Saphir Cast
Bonenkai 2002: Sailor Star Fighter Cast
AnimagiC 2002: Sailor Lead Crow Cast
Connichi 2002: Sailor Lead Crow Cast

Motto / Quotation

If you can’t let yourself believe, at least let yourself stop denying.