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05.07.2016 - Where we are, there‘s Chaos…

… and Chaos comes in all colours, forms, and shades that you ever could imagine. If you have taken a closer look to our recent show CHAOS NO TAN-PURE and almighty Chaos itself, you’ll see that it never looks exactly the same in two scenes. We figured that Chaos – as says the name – appears to be chaotic, colourful, strange and obscure at the same time.

Show us how you see Chaos
We’ve let you know how we imagined Chaos. Now it’s your turn to give us some feedback and let us know what Chaos looks like to you. Draw, tinker, design or turn yourself into your own individual vision of Chaos. Then post the photos to our Facebook page until 17 July 2016, using the hashtag #WoIchBinIstChaos (Chaos is where I am). For the most creative artworks, we’ll send you our recent souvenir booklet – and if you’d like we’ll get the entire cast to sign it.

Have fun and be creative!
- Nuriko

09.06.2016 - YUME 2016 - The party goes on!

Seriously, did you really think that we would once again stopp after only one performance? No way!!!

In 2016, Usagi Tsukino's birthday party continues. For those of you who haven't had the possibility to see our performance last October, this means that you get once again the chance to enjoy "Chaos no Tan-Pure" live.

We've prepared some new stuff for you to enjoy. New cast members, a completely new role, and more thrill and excitement onstage than we had before.

Last weekend, the visitors of the Anime Messe at the ATZE Theatre in Berlin were the first to get a glimpse of the reworked version of our play - „Chaos no Tan-Pure – Revisited“. We intend to perform as well at other conventions this year. Also outside the capital.

Where and when? You'll get all necessary information, news and possible date changes here and - of course - on our social media channels. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.
- Nuriko

10.08.2015 - We’re back in business

After four years of abstinence from the stage, we’re finally back. And it’s quite an occasion. Yume will make a special appearance in the framework of the SAILOR PRIDE project that will be held honouring the 20th anniversary of „Sailor Moon“ in 1995. SAILOR PRIDE will be part of the Mega Manga Convention (MMC), Yume will perform on Saturday, 24 October 2015 at the Fontanehaus Berlin. We’re excited that the organisers of SAILOR PRIDE, the German fan project SAILOR MOON GERMAN, have asked us to do so.

Honouring the anniversary, we’ve come up with a brand new play on which we’re working under permanent pressure since June: In “Chaos no Tan Pure” (“Chaos’s Birthday Greetings”), Usagi has once again to fight evil forces – on her 20th birthday. Will Usagi have the strength and courage to win of the dark powers? And will Mamoru finally ask the question of all questions? You’ll find out more on 24 October 2015 in Berlin.

16 old cast members and two new recruits have come together to once again rock the stage and to tell a new story of the Sailor Soldiers in music, dance and song.

It might not be our first time on the stage of the Fontanehaus, but our first visit to the Mega Manga Convention. We want to thank all contributing parties for this chance and we hope that you’ll join us in Berlin to celebrate Usagi’s birthday.
- Nuriko

18.10.2011 - Yume says „Sayonara“

One month ago we were on stage at Connichi in Kassel, Germany and that was finally our last time standing in front of a convention audience. And even if there’re still some appointments for us like the obligatory photo shoot and our “graduation ceremony” we think that now it’s the moment for us to say our goodbyes to our many friends and fans.
In 2002 we hit the stage for the first time in Ludwigshafen – today, ten years and many plays after that, we can look back not only on a decade full of experiences but also on many friendships inside and outside our group. We’re happy and thankful to our benevolent audience that gave us year after year a reason to continue with our musicals and to endure all the stress that comes with that.
Who would have thought in 2002 that Yume would exist all this time? It wouldn’t have been possible without this great people on, behind and in front of the stage, the favouring con -teams who gave us a stage for our creativity, patient families and friends who first ridiculed our craziness, than accepted it and finally supported us and all the other people that have accompanied us all the way.
Now the curtains closed finally and Yume left the stage. During the last weeks many people have written us who’ve watched us all the years and who wished us all the best in future. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts – without you we wouldn’t have become what we were and what we are now.
Once more also a heartfelt „Thank You“ to all the performing groups who participated in our Goodbye-Video (that can be seen on Youtube) and especially to Daijoubu who initiated the whole thing. That video really has made us happy.
But it isn’t completely over yet. We’ll still upload our works on Deviantart and Youtube, we’re busy in preparing our year-book and we’re now finishing our “Memories”-Blog. And because some people wrote us asking about DVDs of our shows: Just contact us! Some of our works have been released on silver disc by now.

We long to see what future brings to us. Some of us will definitely remain on stage at the local German conventions; some of us will now move on to found their “reliable adult life” and maybe, one day, the acting-fever will once more hit us – who knows. But that’s all in the future for now. Just keep an eye on what we’re doing – we’ll do the same to you!
For so long: Auf Wiedersehen, Farewell and Sayonara!
- Nuriko

24.05.2011 - Yume performing on Animagic in Bonn

We're glad to announce that Yume has officially been accepted to perform at the Animagic convention in Bonn, Germany.

As usual, Yume will be performing on sunday morning.

We hope to see you on 31 July 2011 in Bonn!
- Nuriko

03.04.2011 - April starting and all's going well

Hi folks!

April 3rd and once again there are some news on our homepage:

Quite late this time we present the 5th part of our "Yume Memories"-Blog today. In this chapter our member Ran talks about the years when she, as leading lady of the performance group Nansensu, sat in the first row and watched our shows long before she herself became a part of our Yume-family.

In the same time we present the first two parts of our blog in English for it's been requested many times by our non-German speaking followers.

Also we're glad to welcome the last missing member in our final stage cast: Yoshi. He'll take the role of the student Motoki. His profile will follow the next days.

Here, all goes the same old way it always goes. Our play is written and now we're rehearsing as hell, our costume are in the process of taking shape and we hope to finish all before our premiere takes place.
If you're interested in how it looks like while we're on our rehearsals: Take a look at the newest pictures in our gallery.

Enjoy the springtime!
- Nuriko

02.02.2011 - Cast 2011 – part 2: Side charas

Like we promised, here we go with the second part of our cast list 2011. As you can see this year with Yume there’ll be (at last !) a reunion with many dear characters of the Sailor Moon-series that we hadn’t the chance to put in our previous plays. So now you can look forward to meet Motoki, Naru, Umino and the rest of the gang!

As newbies to our cast we welcome Franzi who last year participated in our crew, Caro and Hokama, who will still be remembered by some of you as a former member of the German show group Nansensu.

Up to now, some of our roles aren’t clear to the very last, but that’ll change during the next few days or weeks. So just check our homepage from time to time.
- Nuriko

05.01.2011 - The Final Season begins!

Presenting our new cast-list today on, we now officially present our new - and last - Yume play to you: "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - The Last Revenge".
As subject to our last year we've chosen a story arc that represents both the beginning and the end of the Sailor Moon series. The live action-series is founded on the events of Sailor Moon's first season and was in 2003 the last (up to now) chapter in this series' worldwide story of success.
After many cast members sadly leaving our troupe last year we now have refilled our rows, in parts with faces you already know, in parts with total newbies. Well, we're not yet totally refilled. In february we'll also anounce some more persons in our 2011-Cast who'll portray the smaller sidekick roles.

So, be patient and enjoy our new cast in 2011.
- Nuriko

05.06.2008 - Deviantart

Yume is proud to have opened an account in Deviantart. We will post collages and photos of our musicals, costumes and photoshootings. please comment. ^___^ We're looking forward for your visit here:
- Yaten

04.08.2006 - the english way of yume

Well, I guess, you mentioned, that I was to lazy to update the english parts of the page for a long time. But today I'm proud to announce: everything is now translated in english! ^^
The SBS aren't translated of cause, but you can read them... and may be - if you understand german - you can understand the jokes... and then you'll wish, you would never had read them ^^
If you find spelling misstakes or bugs, please report them in the forums. We have a non-german-section and (for bugs) a bugboard... feel free to post there ^^
- |Haruka|

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