05.01.2011 - The Final Season begins!

Presenting our new cast-list today on yume-insi.de, we now officially present our new - and last - Yume play to you: "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - The Last Revenge".
As subject to our last year we've chosen a story arc that represents both the beginning and the end of the Sailor Moon series. The live action-series is founded on the events of Sailor Moon's first season and was in 2003 the last (up to now) chapter in this series' worldwide story of success.
After many cast members sadly leaving our troupe last year we now have refilled our rows, in parts with faces you already know, in parts with total newbies. Well, we're not yet totally refilled. In february we'll also anounce some more persons in our 2011-Cast who'll portray the smaller sidekick roles.

So, be patient and enjoy our new cast in 2011.
- Nuriko
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