02.02.2011 - Cast 2011 – part 2: Side charas

Like we promised, here we go with the second part of our cast list 2011. As you can see this year with Yume there’ll be (at last !) a reunion with many dear characters of the Sailor Moon-series that we hadn’t the chance to put in our previous plays. So now you can look forward to meet Motoki, Naru, Umino and the rest of the gang!

As newbies to our cast we welcome Franzi who last year participated in our crew, Caro and Hokama, who will still be remembered by some of you as a former member of the German show group Nansensu.

Up to now, some of our roles aren’t clear to the very last, but that’ll change during the next few days or weeks. So just check our homepage from time to time.
- Nuriko
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