03.04.2011 - April starting and all's going well

Hi folks!

April 3rd and once again there are some news on our homepage:

Quite late this time we present the 5th part of our "Yume Memories"-Blog today. In this chapter our member Ran talks about the years when she, as leading lady of the performance group Nansensu, sat in the first row and watched our shows long before she herself became a part of our Yume-family.

In the same time we present the first two parts of our blog in English for it's been requested many times by our non-German speaking followers.

Also we're glad to welcome the last missing member in our final stage cast: Yoshi. He'll take the role of the student Motoki. His profile will follow the next days.

Here, all goes the same old way it always goes. Our play is written and now we're rehearsing as hell, our costume are in the process of taking shape and we hope to finish all before our premiere takes place.
If you're interested in how it looks like while we're on our rehearsals: Take a look at the newest pictures in our gallery.

Enjoy the springtime!
- Nuriko
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