18.10.2011 - Yume says „Sayonara“

One month ago we were on stage at Connichi in Kassel, Germany and that was finally our last time standing in front of a convention audience. And even if there’re still some appointments for us like the obligatory photo shoot and our “graduation ceremony” we think that now it’s the moment for us to say our goodbyes to our many friends and fans.
In 2002 we hit the stage for the first time in Ludwigshafen – today, ten years and many plays after that, we can look back not only on a decade full of experiences but also on many friendships inside and outside our group. We’re happy and thankful to our benevolent audience that gave us year after year a reason to continue with our musicals and to endure all the stress that comes with that.
Who would have thought in 2002 that Yume would exist all this time? It wouldn’t have been possible without this great people on, behind and in front of the stage, the favouring con -teams who gave us a stage for our creativity, patient families and friends who first ridiculed our craziness, than accepted it and finally supported us and all the other people that have accompanied us all the way.
Now the curtains closed finally and Yume left the stage. During the last weeks many people have written us who’ve watched us all the years and who wished us all the best in future. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts – without you we wouldn’t have become what we were and what we are now.
Once more also a heartfelt „Thank You“ to all the performing groups who participated in our Goodbye-Video (that can be seen on Youtube) and especially to Daijoubu who initiated the whole thing. That video really has made us happy.
But it isn’t completely over yet. We’ll still upload our works on Deviantart and Youtube, we’re busy in preparing our year-book and we’re now finishing our “Memories”-Blog. And because some people wrote us asking about DVDs of our shows: Just contact us! Some of our works have been released on silver disc by now.

We long to see what future brings to us. Some of us will definitely remain on stage at the local German conventions; some of us will now move on to found their “reliable adult life” and maybe, one day, the acting-fever will once more hit us – who knows. But that’s all in the future for now. Just keep an eye on what we’re doing – we’ll do the same to you!
For so long: Auf Wiedersehen, Farewell and Sayonara!
- Nuriko
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