05.07.2016 - Where we are, there‘s Chaos…

… and Chaos comes in all colours, forms, and shades that you ever could imagine. If you have taken a closer look to our recent show CHAOS NO TAN-PURE and almighty Chaos itself, you’ll see that it never looks exactly the same in two scenes. We figured that Chaos – as says the name – appears to be chaotic, colourful, strange and obscure at the same time.

Show us how you see Chaos
We’ve let you know how we imagined Chaos. Now it’s your turn to give us some feedback and let us know what Chaos looks like to you. Draw, tinker, design or turn yourself into your own individual vision of Chaos. Then post the photos to our Facebook page until 17 July 2016, using the hashtag #WoIchBinIstChaos (Chaos is where I am). For the most creative artworks, we’ll send you our recent souvenir booklet – and if you’d like we’ll get the entire cast to sign it.

Have fun and be creative!
- Nuriko
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