Here you can find the latest information about Yume and other things regarding Yume.
(because we were to lazy, we translated no older german news ^^;)

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29.03.2005 - Castchanges

Because of private reasons some members left us this week.
So, we have some changes in cast:
  • Yumemi becomes Venus instead of Nanami
  • Sisi becomes Nehelenia instead of Yvi
  • The Trio is canceled, because Yuzu and Alex left the group

Katsu will stay in Yume and became a Crew-Member.
- |Haruka|

24.02.2005 - AnimagiC-Gig

If someone of you comes to Germany this july to visit the german "AnimagiC" in Koblenz, he can see us in action (if you have already some tickets. If not, you'll have a problem to get in ^^).
- |Haruka|

21.02.2005 - Outer-Banner and Downloads

For our Outer-Fans we have an Outer-Banner now, too. You can select it over the selectbox at the navigation.

Beside I have redesigned the Download-Base and Seqoujah supports us with his faster server. But if the traffic gets to much for him, we swap back to our normal download-server.
- |Haruka|

06.02.2005 - new Cast

May be you saw it allready, but our new cast for this year is online now. Because auf the lazyness of some members, there are no english descriptions in some profiles. I'm sorry about that.

And it's not sure yet if we will have a gig at the AnimagiC (Koblenz, Germany).
- |Haruka|

10.01.2005 - server online again

After someone thought he has to hack our server, we are back again: bigger, faster, better! ;)
Well, just the server was fully updated and has new hardware, too.
- |Haruka|

11.12.2004 - new images

I just uploaded nearly 100 new pictures from our dress rehearsal and images from our fotoshooting.

Beside it's seems that the RSS-Feed really works with LifeJournal... and there are no validation-errors... I'm enthused =)
- |Haruka|

24.11.2004 - RSS-Note and Games

I'm trying to fix some bugs I have on Livejournal with our RSS-Feed. If you have troubles using it, please notify me.

And there are some new games in our Interactiv-Section. Denise wanted to have some more games and I found there sources last week ^^;
- |Haruka|

17.11.2004 - Connichi-Images

I'm sorry I didn't update the english part of the page in the last month, but I promise you to do it as soon as possible.

For now the Connichi-Pictures are online in our gallery. Hope you have some fun with it ^^
- |Haruka|

02.08.2004 - AnimagiC-Pictures

Today, after we got back to life, "our" Con-Images went online.
- |Haruka|

08.06.2004 - Eye-Quest online

Like we promised there's something new on our site: a small eye quiz, which you can find in the "interactive" section. ^^
- |Haruka|

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