Here you can find the latest information about Yume and other things regarding Yume.
(because we were to lazy, we translated no older german news ^^;)

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06.06.2004 - first BK-Images online

Here are our first BK pics. More will follow.

And: *spoil* there will be something new on the site next week.
- |Haruka|

21.04.2004 - 2 new designs

There are two new designs: one with the Inner Senshi of our last cast and one with our Animamates (Bonenkai02-Cast).
Thanks goes to the designers of those designs.
Even new - even it has been online a while - are images of our traning and the Yume-FAQ.
- |Haruka|

27.02.2004 - new design

You can now choose between three designs:
- the yume default skin
- a skin with the orginal stars cast
- and one with our three light
- |Haruka|

25.01.2004 - forum-update and page relocation

Not very mentionable, but the message board was updated. ^^;

More important is that the site will move to a new server soon which means there could be some blackouts.
We can't tell you when exactly the move will happen, because we don't do it.

But meanwhile all new german profiles including pictures and the Bonenkai cast are online.
- |Haruka|

01.01.2004 - Happy new year ^^

The new year has begun and here is - accidentally - many new stuff. ;)
  • The new cast for this year is on
  • More pictures of our photo shooting
  • You can decide between at the moment two pagedesigns
  • And many other things more :)
- |Haruka|

20.10.2003 - AnimagiC & Connichi - pictures online

As usual a little bit delayed our con pictures got online least some of them ^^;

Our "heliOS" got online too, but that's not very noteworthy. ^^;
- |Haruka|

01.08.2003 - new Design

After the Ani and adapted to 01.08: our new design! =)
But there is nothing new elsewhere, gomen ne ^^;
- |Haruka|

17.05.2003 - many new images and mp3s

Again we have some new pictures: one time of the April training and one time of our photo shooting.

Also two new mp3s are available, among other things See me from our Three Lights.
- |Haruka|

03.04.2003 - new cast

Since we are now going to perform a new play (yes, still seramyu) some things were changed in the cast list.

There you can find informaton about what we are going to perform next, but we can already tell you: It's the second season with Blacklady, Diamond, Wiseman and co. ^^
- |Haruka|

13.02.2003 - Bonenkai pics are online

Now all our Bonenkai pics are online - as well from the performance as showing us private at the con ^^

Moreover the speical section of the gallery has gone online. There you can find Yume members in baroque clothing.
- |Haruka|

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