about Yume

These are the 3 answers to "WHYYYYYY?"

What is Yume at all?

Yume is a dancing and singing group specialized in the Sailor Moon Musicals from Japan. Our goal is to popularize the musicals in Germany and to give something of our enthusiasm about it to others. Our Members are spread from Munich to Bremen, but most of us are from the Mannheim-Bruchsal region. Due to the long distance weekly trainings are not possible for us, but we have small trainings for the different group parts (Inners, Outers…) and at least once a month a big training with everyone.
The concepts for the plays are taken from the original musicals and we overwork them for our performances. Since we are no pros and don't have the needed equipment for such a show and have to deal with changing stages for every performance we can't adopt the originals 100%. We mostly are choreographing our dances ourselves, some are taken from the original musical. The scenes are a mixture of Anime, Manga and the musical and depending on how many microphones we can get most of the songs are sung live.
We're trying to make the costumes and requisits as true to original as possible with much patience. >.<

How did Yume arise?

The idea of founding such a musical group was an idea of some Sailor Moon Cosplayers on the Animagic 2000. Since the 5th season was the most popular one and Lisa wanted to play the role of Kakyuu so badly we decided that it should be a Stars musical. After all it took one year with some small meetings until the first "hardcore" members were clear. First we wanted to realize the last 3 Mangas with music from the Anime and the musical but then we got the idea of just taking the two original musicals and overworking them for us.
Finally we had a big meeting of our, yet nameless, group at Glaxias house where the concept was presented and the structure of the group was defined. The different fields of activity were arranged, the last roles were given to the new members and a name was choosen.
At the 18th of August 2001 "Yume" arised in Eppingen and will hopefully exist for a long time. ^_^

Why the name "Yume"?

Yume is the japanese word for "dream". It is also the meaning of the kanji in our logo. We chose this name because it symbolizes how a group of total Sailor Moon fans got together, brought together their different dreams and created a mix of fun, fantasy, creativity and friendship. We hope that we are able to show that to everyone while we're on stage and that many people will enjoy our plays!
So: "For Love and justice!" ^.^°