24.05.2011 - Memories in English: Gary

Gary is (was) joining the illustrious Yume-Memories-Blog writer’s circle as number two. Right from the start she immediately had taken on many tasks within the group. Ranging from the concepts of the Yume-plays, to song selection, to choreographies, that everyone who ever danced one of them, remembers vividly and painfully (I do –T.N.). From 2001 to 2008 Gary held the rank of second-in-Yume-command and remained with the cast afterwards. Since 2011 she again is active in the orga-team.

On Stage among other roles Gary did play especially Prince Saphire, Helios, Selkie, and Sailor Star Fighter. And Since 2010 she is Sailor Mars in the Senshi Team.


In the end I wanna be standing at the beginning with you...

I still remember Yaten asking around May of 2001: „ Hey, I met with some Sailor Moon fans. We want to produce a musical. We are still in need of some Animamates.” First I replied that I had no interest in joining. But that thought got hold of me and did not let me go. I had seen all the Japanese Sailor Moon musicals that had been produced so far. How could they be adapted on a German stage? Two days later I had finished the first of many concepts for that yet unnamed group.

Ever since, I have contributed a part to any Yume-script in one way or another. From basic concepts, to detailed scenes – I am to blame for at least some bit in every play…^^.

In the beginning we did not even want to produce more than one show….but that show was so well received, that we were able to produce a show every year afterwards.

First I scripted, than I choreographed. Many remember the muscle aches they got from my choreographies. Do you remember how much time we needed for our first Version of La Soldier? Many rehearsal-weekends! Today we do such a dance within 2-3 hours! ^^ (okay, only if we are not counting the cross-step-jump ;P )

In the third year I learned sewing and since then I created a few costumes for Yume.

I also did tinker with the Talismans, every Sailor Moon staff there ever was, and almost every other stage prob until Matthes joined in 2005 for Kaguya Shima. 2005 was also very sad year. Many members, that I was very close to, left that year. But also many that joined afterwards I have grown very fond of.

Yaten and I managed the group for many years. Yume did cost me a lot of time, nerves, and money. It has not always been easy, but if I were asked whether I would invest all that if I had to make that choice again or not, I would say yes.

Because of the fun that I shared with you. Because of the great time we had together. Because of all the wonderful persons who I was allowed to meet and that allowed me to learn and to grow.

Thank you, to all the persons that did believe in me. Thank you, to all the persons that did support me throughout the years. Thank you to all who made it possible for Yume to not remain a dream.

Thank you Yaten, for asking me all those years ago.

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