Yume - FAQ

We often get questions, answered already on the page elsewhere. Here a list of the questions, that are asked the most.



What is Yume?

This question was answered by Yaten on the "about Yume"-page.

How did Yume arise?

This question was answered by Yaten on the "about Yume"-page, too..

Why the name "Yume"?

This question was also answered by Yaten on the "about Yume"-page.

When and were was the first gig?

Our first gig was at the Connichi 01 in Ludwigshafen, Germany. At that time we performed the first version of our Stars-Musical (two others versions followed ^^;).

How long do you need to practice for a gig?

We practice a year for a new play. Because we have to write the script, choose the right music, make the costumes, lern the dances and dialogs... and so on. We train every second or third weekend.

How much gigs did you have already?

This much *shows some fingers*
If you want the exact number, look at the castpage, because there's a list with all casts and cons, we have been. Count them and you know how much gigs we had (and which the next are) ^^

How might I join you?

First of all you have to apply, sounds funny but that's the fact ^_-
Send a short e-mail to Yaten and write why and for which part you want to join us. It's unlikely to start as a cast meber, so it's good to apply as a crew member at first.
If you didn't send a completely diqualifying mail (and that's hard), you'll be invited to come to a training, to get to know each other. Then the whole group will deceide if you'll be taken or not.