On this site we want to say thank you to some people which did very much for yume and we call them our "honorary yumes" =) (the order of the listing is random ^^;)

Whom What
Sponsoer-san the whole lights system, stage setting (Cristal, Gate, ...), t-shirts, Yaten (^^)... and much more...
Fam. Mattil provision of accommodation and training hall
Fam. Blasius film and edification
Fam. Gallo training hall, accommodation, costumes
Fam. Dräger training hall, hi-fi system
Hans Winkler gate of time and space
Walter Winkler electrical equipment
Albert Schwarz car trailer
Fam. Cornelius training hall, hi-fi system
Steffen aka pluto pa system, karaoke-files
Matthes pa system and callable during the night ^^ Homepage
SMPTE pa system, karaoke-files Homepage
Naoko Takeuchi Sailor Moon ;)
Nao Takagi + Hikari Ono many years of great seramyu =)